Software Pre-Purchase Questions

Is DescaidTM just for my computer at work?

DescaidTM is great for work and home where you might also spend long periods of time on the computer. Tip: leave the volume up on your home computer so you can be reminded to do the stretches and exercises as a break from working at the kitchen counter, while reading a book, or to remind yourself to take a break from the focus of a favorite hobby.

Do I have to stop what I’m doing every time the timer goes off?

No, if you can do the ‘C’ and the ‘I’ immediately, great! The ‘A’ and the ‘D’ require you to take your hands off the keyboard, so you might do those while you read a document on your computer or talk on the phone. The idea is to make these things a habit and even do them when you aren’t on your computer to assure you’re undoing the stress of working at your desk for long periods.

Is DescaidTM good for children?

Absolutely! Children often spend a great deal of time on computers, so it’s extremely important to teach them these good habits now to last a lifetime!

Is it still best to sit with hips, knees and ankles at 90 degree angles?

Recent research reveals that holding any one position for long periods of time, even if considered the “best” position, creates stress and pain.

What if I have health issues?

Always check with your medical doctor before beginning any new health routine.

What about downloading the program and firewalls?

As long as you can have Adobe Air on your computer, you don’t need to worry about firewalls.

Does DescaidTM work on a Mac or a PC?

Because DescaidTM runs off of Adobe Air, it will work on Mac or PC.

Do you offer large-volume discounts?

Yes, we do have volume pricing. Please contact us for all volume pricing inquiries.

Software Post-Purchase Questions

How do I move the DescaidTM bar around on my desktop?

Left click and hold on the bar and drag it to where ever works best for you.

How do I watch the video?

Left click on the plus sign located on the DescaidTM bar. When it opens up you will see ‘video’ on the bottom left. Left click on ‘video,’ and it will begin to play.

Is there a way to review one section of the video without watching the entire thing?

When watching the video, left click on C, A, I, or D at the top of the screen.

Can I adjust the volume on DescaidTM?

Yes. Under settings on the popup box.

What timing is the best?

20 minutes is ideal, but you may adjust the timer up to 40 minutes.

Is it better to use the chime or the pop-up box?

One or both is great. It depends what works best for you to assure you recognize the reminder to execute your stretches and exercises.

What do I do if DescaidTM is changed to a zip file during download?

Rarely is this the case, but some company IT policies or individual computers may automatically rename the files to thwart viruses and spyware. Typically, you should be able to right click on the file and select rename if Windows is set to display extensions. If it isn’t set to display options, you will need to modify the folder display options to show extensions. This is really quite simple, but the specifics can vary with each version. It is best to Google, for example, ‘Windows show extensions’ and the specific version e.g. ‘Vista’ and follow the instructions. You will want to rename the file descaid.air

Ergonomic Product Questions

Is a foot rest really necessary if my feet are flat on the floor already?

It’s not a necessity, but it helps give you more variety in your positioning and the footrest we have moves easily to different angles, allowing you to change the angle your feet rest.

Wouldn’t an extra cushion on my chair work just as well as an air disc?

Because the air in the disc shifts and moves with the slightest effort it assists you to move and changes up the pressure where you are sitting and in your low back. An extra cushion doesn’t assist you in this way. It only provides more softness which doesn’t help much for extended periods of sitting.

Volume Pricing

Volume pricing is available.  Contact DescaidTM sales for all volume transactions.