Vision at the computer

Staring at a computer for hours can cause eye strain. If you are getting headaches, eye strain may be the cause. Be sure and start with an eye exam. There are things you can do to help prevent eye strain too!

One thing to do is minimize glare whether it’s from outside or lighting inside. Use curtains, an anti-glare screen on your monitor, move lighting and you can adjust the brightness on your computer. Also, don’t put your computer directly in front of a window or have a light.

One easy thing you can do is adjust the size of the print. That can make it much easier to read and only takes a few seconds to adjust!

Another great thing you can do is look up at something farther away for a few seconds. It uses the eye muscles in a different way and helps relax some of the strain. I often look out the window or even just across the room. Ideally, you want to do this every 20 minutes. Remember the moving around and switching positions we have talked about in previous blogs? That is ideally done every 20 minutes too, so while you are doing that look at something in the distance for a few seconds.

There are also some exercises you can do. I will add those to Facebook and Twitter this week, so keep those eyes out for more help while you are taking care of them!

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