What is the best chair?

Someone asked me today, what is the best chair for working at a desk? There isn’t one perfect chair for everyone. First of all, I would sit in different chairs and find out which one feels the most comfortable. It’s important to have good lumbar (low back) support for the natural curve we have in our lumbars. Also, one’s feet should be able to rest flat on the floor. Good cushioning is something else at which to look. As I’ve said before though, the most important thing about sitting is not to sit for long periods of time. If you’ve been following my Facebook posts and the blog here, you know I talk a lot about moving (stand up, scoot forward, scoot back, put your feet up, put them down, use the footrest from our products to help with different positions, whatever it takes). Moving every 20 minutes is far more important than a $1,000 chair. Of course, comfort in a chair is important. As I said, try out different chairs, see what works for you. I bought a $500 chair for my assistant. I loved it! She didn’t. She liked a $150 chair from an office supply store. She actually rotates between her chair and a rolling stool that she puts an air disc on.

Keep in mind, cushion and comfort, low back support and feet able to rest flat on the floor while sitting back in the chair. Beyond that, it’s about movement. I heard someone say recently that sitting is the new smoking. I talk a lot about sitting in relation to back pain, but it also increases heart disease and many other life threatening illnesses.

Standing to work is another option and a topic for another day!

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  1. A comment brought to my attention was having adjustable sections on a chair. Absolutely! That’s part of what helps it to feel comfortable to you. Arm rests are personal preference. I wouldn’t have a chair without them, but for my assistant they get in her way regardless of their positioning, so she always removes them. The chair needs to match your body and your needs, but even with that, you still need to move.

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